Walking in St. Petersburg 

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Guided walks through the most famous and fascinating places in St. Petersburg.


Excursion of the center of St. Petersburg (duration 3 hours)

The best way for those who would like not only become acquainted with the main sights but to take a walk on the famous streets, carefully consider the facades of the North Capital, almost each one from which is historic monument. You will have an excellent opportunity to make beautiful photos and became in the midst of the city life, to feel the spirit of the city. 


Three Cathedrals: St. Isaac's, the Kazan, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood (duration 3 hours)

Walking excursion  with a visit of the three Cathedrals begins from St. Isaac's Cathedral. Then going through the Bolshaya Morskaya Street to Nevsky Prospekt to Kazan Cathedral (St. Petersburg cathedral). From Kazan Cathedral to the Griboyedov Canal to the Church of the Saivor on Spilled Blood, that was built on the place of the assassination attempt for Emperor Alexander II. 


Walking tour of the center of St. Petersburg + The State Hermitage Museum (duration 3 hours, including 2 hours in the Hermitage)

The excursion begins from Kazan Cathedral. You will go through the Griboedov Canal (with stop at Mikhailovsky castle) to the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, where you can make beautiful photos and go further through the Moiki embankment, to see museum-appartment of Pushkin and Kapella and go further to the Palace square to the State Hermitage Museum (the Winter Palace).


The central Squares of St. Petersburg (duration 3 hours)

The route of the walking excursion going through the three main Squares of St. Petersburg: the Palace,  St. Isaak's and Senate Square. You will see architectural ensembles of  world-famous Squares and will know about their creators. During the walking tour you will see also Alexander Column, the Winter Palace, the General Staff Building, the Admiralty, the St. Isaak's Cathedral, Mariinsky Palace, the monument of the Peter I (the Bronze Horseman) and the monument of the Nikolay I. 


Courtyards of St. Petersburg (duration 3 hours)

Unusual walking guided tour will show you the city from the another not parade side. You will know that numerous courtyards in the center of St. Petersburg was appeared mainly at the second part of XIX century. The St. Petersburg courtyards are the inseparable part of the city. You will see different courtyards not only parade but famous petersburg courtyards-labyrinths or courtyards-wells. The route will start from the Nevsky Prospect and will finished on the Fontanka river embankment. 


Nevsky Prospect guided tour (duration 3 hours) 

Walking tour on the front parade part of Nevsky Prospect: from the Vosstaniya Square to Palace Square (the route is about 3,5 kilometres). From the tour you will know when the main street of the city was appeared and why it was named. During the walking tour you will see Anichkov bridge with famous bronze sculprures of "Tamers of horses" by Klodt, architectural ensembles of Ostrovsky Square, Arts Square and Kazansky Square situated near the Nevsky Prospect, the Palaces (Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace, Anichkov Palace, Stroganov Palace), the Eliseevy Merchant's Shop, the House of Books (Dom Knigi). You should visit  the main church of St. Petersburg - the Kazan Cathedral where you will see the miraculous icon of the Mother of God and the tomb of the millitary commander Kutuzov. The route of the tour finished on the main Square of St.Petersburg (the Palace Square).


The buildings of the State Hermitage Museum (duration 2 hours)

During this guided walking tour you will get round the city block located on the river Neva embankment to consider all buildings belongs to famous and one of the biggest Museums of the world. You will see the buildings of Winter Palace, Small Hermitage, Old Hermitage, New Hermitage, Hermitage Theater of Classical Russian Ballet, the General Staff Building. The guid will tell you about  Winter Palaces of the Peter's time and the history of foundation of the Hermitage by Ekaterina II. You will see the part of saved Winter Palace of the founder of the city Peter I, where he died and where it was the first location of famous Amber Room. You will cross the picturescue embankment of the Winter Canal and consider  the famous Atlantes in the building of New Hermitage.

The excursion beginning and finishing on the main Square of St. Petersburg - the Palace Square


The Petersburg of Dostoevsky (duration 2,5 hours)

The route of this guided walking tour passes in the area of Sennaya Square where lived the characters of novel "Crime and Punishment" of the great russian classic writer Dostoevsky. You will learn many interesting details from the creation of novel. You will return back to Petersburg of the second half of the 19th century. During the tour the guide will show you the houses where lived the characters of novel and you even will go the same road with Rodion Raskolnikov when he went to kill the old woman pawnbroker. 


Peter and Paul Fortress (duration 2 hours)

This walking guided tour passes in the territory of Zayachiy island where placed the Fortress. The fundation of the Fortress layed the beginning of the city St. Petersburg. You will go around whole territory of the Fortress and will see Peter and Paul Cathedral, the Fortress Commandant and Engineering House, the Boathouse, the Mint, the Main Guardhouse, Monument to Peter the Great (by Mikhail Shemiakin), Trubetskoy Bastion Prison, Noonday Gun from Naryshkin bastion and others sights. You will know all about Peter and Paul Fortress, including the time when it was the state political prison. You will hear the stories about prisoners of the fortress (about the first revolutionary Radishev and Decembrist revolt). 

We can also offer you to visit Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral, where Russian emperors are buried. 


★ As the perfect addition to the program in the navigation time (approximately from the middle of April till the middle of November) we offer river trip on pleasure boat, water bike, boat or sailing yacht with unique possibility to manage them.