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New Year is a special event which should be realy grandiose! In those sea tours gathering all the best for unforgettable celebration: new routes, holiday menu and exclusive Christmas program, contests, gifts and surprises, special excursions with the most experienced tour guides. You will have an unique opportunity to feel incredible miracle, which can be only at the eve of New Year.

During one trip you can visit one or several northern capitals: St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn and Riga. Those european port cities in the bright decoration of Christmas lights will greet you with cozy hospitality and a carnival of fun. In Christmas holidays those cities turning into a real fairy tale. You even can meet with real Santa Claus! 

There is proverb in Russia "As the New Year meet, so spend it". Embark on the New Year's cruise on the luxury cruise liner and travel the whole year! 

New Year's Cruise in fairy Europe (from Dec.30th to Jan.3rd)

During one trip you will visit four northern capitals: St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallinn. On December 31st you will walk at the hospitable Helsinki, and will wake up on the morning of January 1st in the fantastic Stockholm. On the main Squares will open Christmas markets, it will be an unique atmosphere of joy in the air. It will be very exciting! Just imagine, you will start your New Year from the pleasant journey. 

Christmas cruise in five Baltic capitals (from Jan.3rd to Jan.8th)

On January 3rd the cruise liner will depart on a holiday cruise, during that the passengers will visit the five most beautiful Christmas cities: St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga, Stockholm and Helsinki. 

On the board of the ferry you will find an unique entertainment program, animators, colorful costumes, live music, dancing till the morning, workshops, spectacular show, sparkling champagne and a lot of surprises and gifts of course. For youngest passengers there is a special interactive program that will give a good mood magical holiday to children and their parents. You even will meet with real Santa Claus!