St.Petersburg, Sadovaya street, 12
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Each visit to the Tsar restaurant is like a dive into the history of traditional Russian cuisine in its most exquisite form. The restaurant treats its guests to gastronomic traditions of the Tsars' kitchen.

Russian and European cusine

Having opened the menu, you will embark on a tasty journey through the epoch, when cuisine was considered an art and every dish was a masterpiece. Everything - from drinks to main courses – is filled with traditions of Russian hospitality; each dish on the menu has it's own history. 

Famous designers and decorators, headed by Sergei Tretyakov, had spent two years to create the Tsar restaurant and revive the long-forgotten traditions.

Wide collection of antiques, vintage interior items, and even a Tsar’s throne. There are no compromises with modernity at the Tsar. Historic interiors have also been restored in detail. 

The Tsar is the restaurant where everyone would feel like a Russian. 

Top 5 of the best dishes:

  • Caviar tasting (Beluga caviar, Sturgeon caviar, Starred sturgeon caviar + Drinks) served with fritters, rye toasts and sour cream
  • Russian beetroot salad Vinegret with Baltic sprat
  • Sterlet’s back with light mashed potatoes and Rassol sauce
  • Julienne with crab
  • Borsch with veal and garlic fritters


Everyday: from 12:00 am until the last guest