Divny garden

St.Petersburg, Gatchinskaya ul., 16
  • Chinese
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Chinese restaurant "Divny Garden" in St.Petersburg offers a wide variety of dishes. The Chefs create original combinations of meat and fish with vegetables, fruits, spices and seasonings. These dishes has a special, unique aroma and taste you will love it!

The chefs cook in accordance with all rules of chinese cuisine so you will feel the original taste of national dishes. Restaurant "Divny garden" is proud of it's professional chefs. 

Chinese cuisine

"Divny garden" invites you to taste dishes from poultry and seafood, as well as classic Chinese meat and fish dishes.

Top 5 of the best dishes

  • Fried beef stuffing with the Chinese noodle
  • Spicy filet of pike perch
  • Bamboo with duck
  • Spicy lamb ribs
  • Carp in a Soy sauce


Everyday: from 12:00 am to 23:00 pm